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Walkig the path of nature!

Symbio Harmonizer 47 Essentials – Biological micronutrients from high-quality natural products from the Symbioceutical Supplements product family!

Due to the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides, environmental pollution, the breeding out of certain substances and long transport and storage routes, fruit and vegetables today contain fewer micronutrients than 100 years ago. Most of the fruits are harvested while still being unripe, which further reduces the vitamin content. The average of the population often does not have enough D3K2, vitamin C, vitamin E, B2, B5, B6, B12, potassium, calcium and iron (Austrian Nutrition Report from 2017). Zinc, copper and selenium deficiencies are also no longer a rarity, etc.

What is supplementing?

Supplementation means filling up. Due to everyday stress, pollution, electrosmog, high performance requirements, etc., your mineral and vitamin stores may not be as full as they should be for a healthy, vital and strong body! If you have mood disorders or everyday problems, it may be useful to quickly replenish these stores with high-quality food supplements. The body needs water-soluble vitamins daily, it can store fat-soluble vitamins for a few days. For minerals, there is a long-term storage in the body, which of course must be replenished again and again.

The special feature of the 47 Essentials:

A broad product portfolio in the highest quality, best possible effect through storage, free of interference fields and electrosmog, provided with a bioinformed vital substance matrix for better absorption and compatibility, and above all ” laboratory tested for their effectiveness.”No artificial fillers, no artificial sweeteners such as Maltodextrin, Sucralose, aspartame, acesulfame K, etc. The raw materials are subjected to rigorous testing for residues such as pesticides, insecticides, fungicides and general toxic substances.

With help of the 47 Essentials, micronutrient deficiencies can be remedied in a simple and safe way.

Inspection of raw materials!

Every delivery is checked for its bioenergy! If the amount of light quanta in the raw materials is too low, it will be returned. The bioenergy of the substances (light quanta) is protected by storing them in violet glass. Each supplement is imprinted with a bioinformed matrix of vital substances. The supplements are free from harmful substances and genes. While purchasing, attention is paid to regional and national raw materials.

One of the best nutritional supplements currently on the market!

Many diseases and chronic mood disorders can be positively influenced by trace elements!

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Among food supplements there are many more interesting products available!

47 Essentials - Complete (225 capsules)

Fields of application:

For the optimal basic daily supply with an abundance of essential vitamins, trace elements, superfoods and antioxidants. It is currently one of the most comprehensive dietary supplements on the market with 60 vital substances that are coordinated with each other!

The heart of the 47 Essentials!

The 47 Essentials – Complete are laboratory tested! The test results show that Complete is highly effective as a food supplement for reducing oxidative stress caused by exogenous and endogenous oxygen radicals. According to the test results, taking Complete is highly recommended for reducing oxidative stress caused by free oxygen radicals and as a food supplement for improving the health situation during inflammatory processes! Certificate Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institute for cell biological test systems.

For the improvement of the general well-being!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Complete capsules as an accompanying measure can be supportive in case of:

• all forms of health complaints
• muscle problems
• mineral deficiencies
• vitamin deficiencies
• protein deficiencies
• thyroid complaints
• as basic supply in the micronutrient range

47 Essentials – Complete also promotes strong hair growth and elastic hair.

47 Essentials - B Komplex (60 capsules)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – B-complex capsules contain the complete spectrum of essential B-vitamins. The water-soluble B-vitamins are needed for the most diverse metabolic processes, they are essential for a healthy body! As they are water-soluble, a daily intake is recommended. High environmental-and stress burdens can increase the need for B-vitamins.

The one who makes clever!

As part of a nutritional therapy, the 47 Essentials – B-complex capsules as an accompanying measure can be supportive in case of:

• Blood formation (anaemia)
• Maintaining healthy mucous membrane, skin and hair
• Support of the nervous system
• Support for energy metabolism
• Improving concentration
• Menstrual cramps
• Regeneration after traumas

47 Essentials – B-complex capsules are doping tested, even top athletes can sublimate it!

47 Essentials - Q10 Ubiquinol Spray (50 ml)

Fields of application:

The mitochondria and cells need Q10 for energy production (ATP) and for vital functions, especially the heart, liver, kidneys and muscles have an increased need for it. Q10 belongs to the fat-soluble antioxidants, it also protects against free radicals. Especially stress and heavy burdens need a lot of this vitamin-like substance.

The life saver!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials Q10 Ubiquinol Spray as an accompanying measure can be supportive in case of:

• free radicals
• Stabilisation of the cell membrane
• improving the absorption of cell nutrients
• Cell energy for muscles, nerves, immune system and repair mechanisms
• Compensation for the side effects of various medicines
• Reinforcement of various medicines
• Tinnitus
• Heart diseases
• increased cholesterol level
• Hypertension
• Cardiac arrhythmia
• diabetes mellitus
• Hyperinsulinemia
• Neurodegenerative diseases
• Alzheimer’s
• Dementia
• Parkinson
• Lung diseases
• Rheumatism
• Overweight
• Stress
• Cancer
• Incontinence
• hypoxia
• Fertility
• Sport
• Pancreatitis

The advantages of the Q10 Ubiquinol Spray are improved absorption due to its liquid form. Ubiquinol in active form instead of ubiquinone. Original KANEKA Ubiquinol. Easy handling and dosage. Produced without genetic engineering. A deficiency can thus be quickly filled up, also locally applicable, e.g. on the gums.

47 Essentials - Vitamin C liposomal (250 ml)

Fields of application:

The water-soluble vitamin C is one of the vitally important vitamins. In times of high stress, environmental pollution and illness, the body needs higher amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C protects the cells against oxidative stress and increases the absorption of iron, when given at the same time. It is particularly important for teeth, bones, blood vessels, skin, and for the immune and nervous systems. The liposomal preparation increases fast and good absorption!

Reach your goal with vitamin C!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Vitamin C liposomal as an accompanying measure can be supportive for:

• Protects cell structures as a water-soluble antioxidant
• supports normal vascular function by influencing collagen formation
• supports the body’s own immune system (accumulates in the leucocytes)
• contributes to normal collagen synthesis (skin, gums, cartilage)
• the regeneration of vitamin E
• contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system
• helpful for strengthening the connective tissue (also gums)
• protects body structures against damage caused by oxidative stress
• to meet increased needs (e.g. for intensive physical activity)

47 Essentials – Vitamin C liposomal acts as a supporting measure for the removal of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium and nickel.

Through liposomal processing, the body can absorb vitamin C even better and even faster, which can be particularly beneficial for people who are already weakened.

Contains sunflower lecithin from sunflower seeds of natural and unaltered origin.

47 Essentials - Curcuma liposomal (250 ml)

Fields of application:

Curcuma (turmeric) has a particularly strong supportive effect in case of any form of inflammation! Through the liposomal preparation of the 47 Essentials – Curcuma liposomal, the ingredients can be absorbed by the body more easily, intensively and faster. This is particularly beneficial for people with a weakened gastrointestinal system.

Turmeric is an all-round protective substance!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Curcuma liposomal in liquid form as an accompanying measure is used as support in case of:

• Inflammations
• Pain
• Removing strains of heavy metals
• Support for immune stimulation
• prevents cell mutations
• Cancer diseases
• Rheumatism
• Reduction of cholesterol
• Arthritis
• Arthrosis
• Osteoporosis
• Digestive disorders
• Nausea
• Gastritis
• Liver and gall bladder complaints
• Reduces oxidation
• Diabetes
• Alzheimer’s
• Support for losing weight

The body can absorb the highly bioavailable 47 Essentials – Curcuma liposomal quickly and easily.

47 Essentials - Colon drops (100 ml)

Fields of application:

Due to antibiotics, medications, preservatives and other chemical food additives, stress, frequent anger and unbalanced food, the population of beneficial bacteria in the intestine can be severely reduced. If there are not enough useful helpers in the intestines to break down food to produce enzymes, fatty acids, vitamins and other substances, the food cannot be utilised as well as it should naturally be.

The useful helpers for the intestine!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Colon Drops as an accompanying measure can be supportive in case of:

• Leaky gut syndrome
• Candida infections
• Bloating
• Food intolerances
• Allergies
• Defense weakness
• Prevention of colon cancer
• Dysbiosis/symbiosis control
• Intestinal diseases
• Respiratory diseases
• susceptibility to infections of the gastrointestinal tract
• Build up of the immune system
• Constipation
• Diarrhoea
• natural intestinal cleansing and regeneration
• Prevention of urogenital infections in women
• Inflammations

47 Essentials – Colon Drops with effective microorganisms and bacteria cultures in a balanced form. For all types of intestinal complaints for the development of the intestinal flora.

Health is enormously supported by a healthy intestine with many intestinal bacteria!

47 Essentials - Amino MAP (200 capsules)

Fields of application:

47 Essentials – Amino MAP capsules contain the eight essential amino acids L-leucine, L-valine, L-isoleucine, L-lysine, L-phenylalanine, L-threonine, L-methionine and L-tryptophane in an optimally processed form for rapid absorption and utilisation! The food supplement is absolutely suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

The really good ones!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Amino MAP capsules can be used as an accompanying measure to support:

• Adults over 40 with reduced kidney activity for optimal protein intake
• for fast regeneration, after convalescence
• for all athletes and competitive athletes for fast muscle build-up and muscle maintenance
• pregnant women
• for all those who work physically hard
• after injuries and operations
• People with a low BMI
• Vegetarians and vegans with an insufficient amino acid intake
• in case of a disturbed protein digestion
• for weight loss in case of too high EMI for fat reduction

For beautiful, firm skin and a good body feeling.

47 Essentials - Amino Powder (750g)

Fields of application:

47 Essentials – Amino Powder is a multi-component protein with an increased L-carnitine content and WITHOUT added sweeteners such as aspartame, acesulfame K, sucralose, sodium cyclamate or maltodextrin! For an optimal protein biosynthesis for athletes and also for all others with an increased protein requirement! With all important substances for protein synthesis. The net nitrogen utilization (NNU) is at a high of 30,5 % (anabolic way)! Allergy is almost impossible due to hydrolysis and harmonizer activation. The amino complex can be easily and quickly absorbed by the body and used to build up body proteins. In contrast, normal amino acids need between three to six hours for digestion. Suitable for daily use!

The one with strong muscles for more power and endurance!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essential – Amino Powder as an accompanying measure can be supportive for:

• During muscle building
• Structure of the immune system
• Protection against muscle loss
• Building up hormones
• Increase in total protein
• for all complaints of physical and psychological origin

Exception: People with severe kidney disease must not take 47 Essential – Amino Powder and are adviced to take the food supplement 47 Essentials – Amino MAP capsules instead!

47 Essentials - PH drops (50 ml)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – PH drops are alkaline water with a PH value of 11! The 47 Essentials – PH drops have a very strong alkaline effect! They may only be used diluted.

The good friends for home and on the way!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – PH drops can be used as an accompanying measure to support for:

• All forms of hyperacidity
• for the regulation of the acid base balance
• for the reduction of all consequences of acidification diseases

Attention: The 47 Essentials – PH drops drops may only be used diluted! You can put 10 drops of it into a litre of water and drink it throughout the day. Two to three drops can be added to all acidic drinks such as coffee or white wine.

47 Essentials - Krypt (60 capsules)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – Krypt capsules are the optimal support for a good metabolism! They help the body to absorb and utilize food better!

The good metabolism booster!

In the context of a nutrition therapy 47 Essentials – Krypt capsules can support as an accompanying measure in case of:

• Chronic inflammations
• Autoimmune diseases
• States of exhaustion
• Antioxidant deficiency
• Neurological problems
• Kidney problems
• Metabolic diseases
• Detoxification disorders
• weakness of the immune system – slight susceptibility to infections
• Deficiency conditions
• Regeneration disorders
• HPU/KPU disorder – Metabolic disorder

With 47 Essentials – Krypt to an easier food intake with a better utilization, leading to better physical health!

47 Essentials - Zink forte (180 capsules)

Fields of application:

Zinc is a vitally important, essential trace element and involved in many bodily functions. It influences the immune system, metabolism, DNA synthesis and cell division. It is part of over 300 important enzymes and is involved in over 3000 of the body’s own proteins. Zinc is enormously important for the smooth functioning of the body.

The successful multitalent!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Zinc forte capsules can be used as an accompanying measure to support in case of:

• Weakness of the immune system
• Hair Loss
• Cold sores
• Fungal infection
• Inflammations (eyes – conjunctiva, etc.)
• Itching
• Eczema
• for wound treatment and wound care
• Sunburn
• Skin infections
• Sore legs

47 Essentials – Zinc forte supports the body, which cannot produce zinc itself and can only store it in very small quantities.

47 Essentials - OPC (60 capsules)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – OPC capsules with its high polyphenol content are among the most important vital substances the body needs! OPC is also called cosmetics from the inside, because it can increase the COLLAGEN and ELASTIN production of the skin! For a young, beautiful and healthy appearance! OPC has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and anti-mycotic properties!

The prodigy among the vital substances!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – OPC capsules can support as an accompanying measure with:

• The detoxification of heavy metals
• Problems with the thyroid gland
• helps to regulate the thyroid gland
• helpful in tumour therapy
• for a higher energy level
• for healthy growth of children
• for a healthy skin
• for better performance

47 Essentials – OPC has the ability to repair collagen which has degenerated! Especially for all ladies a very interesting aspect! OPC can have a blood-thinning effect.

47 Essentials - Day (60 capsules)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – Day Capsules can contribute a lot to building up mental energy and performance!

The cool ones!

47 Essentials – Day capsules can be used as an accompanying measure in nutritional therapy to support in case of:

• Depressed mood
• Tiredness and lack of drive
• Adrenal insufficiency
• Burn out
• Thyroid gland problems
• reduced memory performance
• Weight Loss

The combination with 47 Essentials – Night Capsules is shown to be very effective in building up mental energy and performance!

Exception: People with an amino acid metabolism disorder (phenylketonuria) must not sublimate 47 Essentials – Day capsules!

47 Essentials - Night (60 capsules)

Fields of application:

It is not always possible to cover the essential vital substance L-tryptophane requirements with one’s own diet. It is involved in the synthesis of the happiness hormone serotonin.


As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Night capsules can be used as an accompanying measure to support in case of:

• Depression
• Burn-out
• Adrenal insufficiency
• Tensions
• Insomnia
• Neuropathies
• Hypertension – High blood pressure
• Imbalance in hormone balance
• Irritable bowel

47 Essentials – Night capsules can be combined with 47 Essentials – Day to achieve an even better overall effectiveness.

47 Essentials - Magnesium forte (120 capsules)

Fields of application:

This essential mineral is found in almost every cell of the body and is involved in numerous important metabolic processes. It plays a major role in cell division and helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth. Its spectrum of active ingredients is enormously broad!

The everywhere helper!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Magnesium forte capsules as an accompanying measure can be supportive in case of:

• Muscle cramps, especially in the legs (or there is a lack of calcium)
• Trembling
• Numbness or tingling in hands and feet
• Inner restlessness, irritability, nervousness
• Intestinal cramps, digestive problems
• Rapid exhaustion, tiredness
• Headaches, noise sensitivity
• Depression, brooding
• States of Confusion
• Concentration disorders
• Sensory disorders (cold, heat)
• Cardiovascular disorders (palpitations, clearly perceptible heartbeat)
• Circulatory disorders
• Feeling of weakness, dizziness
• Abdominal pain
• Back Pain
• Increased need for sleep
• Eyelid twitching
• Insomnia
• Tension of the muscles
• Involuntary muscle twitches
• Lassitude
• Cardiac arrhythmia
• High blood pressure
• Weight loss

47 Essentials – Magnesium forte for strong nerves and a healthy energy metabolism, with a strong heart and psyche, lots of energy and vigour!

47 Essentials - Base 1 (120 capsules)

Fields of application:

47 Essentials – Base 1 as optimal base and mineral supply for the extracellular space! It has a positive effect on the intestinal environment and can compensate for hyperacidity!

The basic one!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Base 1 capsules can be used as an accompanying measure to support in case of:

• Hyperacidity
• Dental diseases
• High blood pressure
• Premature ageing
• Hair Loss
• Flatulence, heartburn, gastritis
• Susceptibility to infections
• Rheumatic diseases
• Joint and limb pain
• Hyperactivity
• Tendon and muscle pain
• Eye diseases

47 Essentials – Base 1 capsules can be very helpful in general detoxification of the cells and in building up the intestinal environment.

47 Essentials - Base 2 (180 capsules)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – Base 2 capsules are ideal as support for intracellular processes. They support the mineralisation of the bones, improve the bite resistance of the teeth, the performance of the heart and have a positive effect on the nervous system.

The indispensable!

As a dietary supplement, 47 Essentials – Base 2 capsules can be used as an accompanying measure to support in:

  • Tissue strengthening,
  • Body elasticity and body strength
  • Mineral Balance
  • Electrolyte supply
  • Tissue buildup
  • Prevention of tissue decay
  • all degenerative diseases
  • Increase and maintenance of cell tension
  • Acidose (in combination with 47 Essentials Base 1)
  • Sulphur deficiency
  • Oxygen deficiency
  • Edema formation
  • Microcirculation disorders
  • all degenerative developments
  • Iron Deficiency

The 47 Essentials . Base 2 capsules can also be used in case of an increased need for magnesium or micronutrients during pregnancy, breastfeeding or in the growth phase. They also help in reducing symptoms of allergies and neutralise excess stomach acid. With their high content of silicea, they strengthen hair, fingernails and bones.

47 Essentials - Omega 3 Fish- and Krilloil (60 capsules)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – Omega 3 capsules act as a powerful cell protection against free radicals and can be used for a wide range of health problems. They lower blood pressure and blood fat values and prevent vascular calcification.

Essential oils as a fountain of youth!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Omega 3 capsules can be used as an accompanying measure to support in case of:

• Inflammatory diseases
• Heart and circulation problems
• Depression and various other psychological problems
• Suffering of the central nervous system
• Prevention of cancer
• Alzheimer’s
• Dementia
• Arthrosis
• Hormone production
• Cellular respiration
• Cell metabolism
• Protein Synthesis
• Oxygen deficiency in the organs
• Narrowing of the blood vessels
• Protection of blood vessels against arteriosclerosis
• Formation of the body’s own defence cells
• Increase in performance
• Immunodeficiency
• Susceptibility to infections
• Support of the formation of joint fluid
Protection of the telomeres against shortening
• Reduction of joint pain
• Increased flexibility of the joints
• Reduction of cholesterol levels
• Improvement of general well-being
• Protection of heart and blood vessels
• Counteracts depression and tiredness
• Alleviation of mestruation complaints (PMS), such as abdominal pain, irritability, depression and water retention

The combination of fish oil and krill oil makes the 47 Essentials – Omega 3 capsules a balanced and unique combination of omega fatty acids! The fatty acids EPA and DHA in particular support the development of the brain in embryos and newborns, which is why pregnant and breastfeeding women should ensure that they receive an adequate supply. In addition, omega 3 fatty acids improve the blood circulation of the whole body!

47 Essentials - ALC (90 capsules)

Fields of application:

The R-Alpha Lipoic Acid is a sulphur containing fatty acid, it is soluble in water and also in fat. The 47 Essentials – ALC capsules consist of the form naturally occurring in the body (no synthetic isomer).

The honest helper!

As part of a nutritional therapy, Symbio-Alpha-Lipoic Acid Capsules can be supportive as an accompanying measure for:

• Pain
• Fatty liver
• Age spots
• Liver damage
• Lung diseases
• Immunodeficiency
• Removing of heavy metals strains
• Improvement of memory performance
• Heart Diseases
• Lightening of the mood
• Anti Aging
• Support of the endocrine glands
• Life-prolonging measures
• Alzheimer’s
• DNA damage
• Nerve damage
• Diabetes mellius type 1 and 2
• Weight reduction

Attention: When taking the 47 Essentials -ALC capsules, no other food supplement should be taken for 30 minutes, as they are a chelating agent.

47 Essentials - Selen forte (120 capsules)

Fields of application:

As a vital essential trace element, 47 Essentials – Selenium forte capsules support the modulation of the immune system, it protects the cells from oxidative damage and prevents inflammation. Selenium activates the thyroid hormone thyroxine and is involved in detoxification processes. It is a component of more than 25 enzymes and protects the cells from peroxides and other radicals. It reactivates vitamin C and coenzyme Q10!

The protection-shield!

As a food supplement, 47 Essentials – Selenium forte capsules can be used as an accompanying measure as part of a nutritional therapy to support with:

  • Antioxidative protection
  • Stabilises the immune system
  • Influences the DNA repair mechanisms
  • Forms metabolites
  • Strengthens the thyroid gland
  • Detoxifies heavy metals
  • Helpful in case of cardiovascular complaints
  • Acts as an antioxidant component for protective enzymes

Selenium acts as an antioxidant component for protective enzymes. Men may need more of 47 Essentials Selenium forte capsules than women, because the prostate gland stores a big amount of selenium. A lack of selenium leads to growth disorders in bones and muscles. In combination with vitamins A, C and E, it helps reducing heavy metal contamination, rheumatism, cancer and chronic inflammation.

47 Essentials - D-Galactose (150g)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – D (+) Galactose is a simple sugar. As a food, no side effects are known. It is said to help in reducing plaque formation in the brain.

The capable supporter!

In view of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – D – Galactose powder can support as an accompanying measure in:

• Supporting against Alzheimer’s dementia
• For sweetening (baking) without remorse
• Is insulin independent
• Weaning from sugar addiction
• Supporting Parkinson’s disease
• Increase in performance
• Performance improvement
• Improvement of aerobic performance
• Endogenous detoxification (e.g. ammonia, urea)
• Improved performance profile
• Anabolic effect
• Guarantee of an optimal building material exchange – Endogenous detoxification (e.g. ammonia, urea)

Exception: 47 Essentials – D – Galactose must  not be used in case of the rare hereditary disease galactosemia. This is highly pure galactose!

47 Essentials - B12 drops (50 ml)

Fields of application:

The 47 Essentials – Vitamin B12 drops are essential for a well functioning metabolism! Vitamin B12 is involved in the production of red blood cells, it supports nerve and brain function and a healthy psyche. It also contributes to cheerfulness by providing mental and physical energy.

Makes the cells happy!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – B12 drops can help as an accompanying measure with:

  • Improving homocysteine levels
  • Improvement of the energy metabolism
  • Improvement of the lipid metabolism
  • Increased synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters
  • Support with detoxification
  • Improvement of DNA synthesis
  • Positive effect on nerves and better regeneration of nerve damage
  • Improvement of multiple sclerosis, CFS and fibromyalgia
  • Improvement of nitrosative stress

47 Essentials B12 drops can also work wonders in case of toothache in the short term.

47 Essentials - Zeolith (200g)

Fields of application:

47 Essentials – Zeolite helps the body to detoxify better, by binding toxins such as heavy metals, environmental toxins, bacterial toxins and other toxins and excreting them through the intestines. Zeolite/clinoptilolite stone is a volcanic rock with a unique honeycomb-like molecular crystal-cage-structure. Natural zeolite can bind and remove toxins, drug residues and pathogenic germs in the gastrointestinal tract. It regulates and normalises the stomach and intestinal flora and, through stimulation, increases the immune system’s defences. Natural zeolite is called an “intelligent messenger” because it can supply important trace elements and absorb and remove heavy metals and toxins.

The supporting detoxifier!

As part of a nutritional therapy, 47 Essentials – Zeolite can be used as an accompanying measure to support in case of:

  • Stomach and intestinal problems
  • Gastritis
  • Nephritis/Kidney inflammation
  • Cystitis/Inflamed bladder
  • Infections
  • General detoxification
  • Heavy metal contamination
  • Candida
  • Acidification of the body
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes Melitus
  • Exposure to free radicals
  • Skin diseases for internal and external use

Attention: After taking 47 Essentials zeolite powder, do not take any other food supplements or medicines for about 30 minutes, because the effect of the substances taken afterwards would be reduced.