Energy is vitality!

Giving the body the energy it needs!

What is Bioenergetics?

From quantum physics we know that every physical substance occurs as particles and simultaneously as vibration! As a vibration, every cell sends out its own frequencies! Bioenergetics works on the vibrational level! The bioenergetic application takes place, related to each person and situation individually. The body’s own vibrations are balanced and harmonised. Disturbing vibrations and disturbing frequencies are brought back into harmonious balance. This gives the body the possibility, to regulate itself and to activate its self-healing powers.

Our body produces

electric current itself through biochemical processes! Every cell of the body is surrounded by a cell membrane. The healthy cell has an electrical voltage of 70 – 100 millivolts (mV)! The nerve and muscle cells in particular work with electricity as a stimulus. Cells emit light in the electromagnetic field!

A weak cell

does not produce a lot of millivolts, resulting in the ion exchange of the cell to be deficient. The rather negative charge inside the cell and the rather positive charge outside the cell can thus shift. We call this “not in harmony”, or not being “in balance, in the optimum of the cell-and life-force”.

If the balance…

is disturbed, undesirable substances can penetrate into the cell, which causes the cell to become imbalanced, thus being no longer in harmony. This state can disturb the metabolism of the cell. In consequence such a cell does not have enough life energy and vitality. A stressed cell produces more free radicals and nitric oxide, which can lead to inflammation and inflammatory conditions.

We in the bioenergetics…

work with the the vibrational frequency of cells. An increase in the vibrational frequency also means an increase in the power of the cell, the cell can work better again! Through the supply of bioenergetic information-frequencies, a weak cell can strengthen and regulate itself again !

In case of all kinds of health problems…

such as active or chronic health disorders, pain, after accidents, in convalescence, to support the self-healing powers and for regeneration. As cell energy booster to increase the amount of biophotons and to increase physical vitality! As an allergy-or intolerance-harmoniser. As physical beauty care, as additional stress compensation or as subtle regenerative muscle relaxation for a healthy lifestyle!