Treasure trove

Colourful gems!

I am happy that you have come so far!

The treasure trove makes no claim to be scientific or complete! If one wants to find the truth, one has to search oneself!

The treasure trove usually contains many hidden gems and treasuries, if one searchs for it. The treasure trove is a well-known, but also a secret place with small and large gems for those who search.

The book “Xyllia Merilot 5G Elektrosensibel Angst schützt nicht”, published in amazon in the 2nd edition, describes my electrosensitivity, the consequences on my health and painful conditions that I had to go through until I found my solution in the Symbio Harmonizer protection products! Thanks to this effective protection at home and also on the road,  I have regained the energy to take care of my health consistently. The 47 Essentials and the Harmonizer M.E.D are supporting me in this endeavour! At this point I want to thank the great inventors of this technology, which is so helpful for me! I am convinced of the effectiveness of this technology! As an electrosensitive person, I know the painful and exhausted conditions when I was exposed to unprotected radiation devices and cell phone radiation.

We humans are so similar to each other and yet so fundamentally differently unique!

Knowledge is as diverse as we humans are. And yet there are truths that are always and at all times the same! Even if everything around us changes, the human foundation remains as it is! Let us rejoice in this! Everything around us is constantly changing, fashion, social customs, working conditions, opinions and perceptions! Did you know that there is only one frequency of LOVE among us humans? Only one, and it is the same for all people! Fascinating, isn’t it! There is also only one frequency of joy, and it is the same for all people! This is true for all human feelings, for the positive and also for the negative ones!

Only one single frequency for every healthy organ!

Our organs also vibrate in a very specific frequency! Every healthy organ vibrates at the same frequency, which is why it is even possible to positively influence and harmonize organs via vibrations!

Every plant species, every animal species and every stone species has its own unique frequency!

All kinds of plants, animals and stones have their own specific vibration frequency! Likewise the wind, the water, the rain, the air. Fascinating, isn’t it?

No one is ever alone, life is always there!

Our mind makes up about 10 % of our entire area of consciousness. The other 90 % we call subconsciousness, which the mind normally cannot  access! Within subconsciousness we are connected with everything and everyone, and there is also a lively exchange!

A comparison: The mind can take in or process about 42 impressions in one second, but our subconsciousness can take in and process a few hundred thousand impressions simultaneously in one second! This explains special phenomena among us humans! Like the man who was flown over a city in a helicopter, and could then afterwards draw the entire city, every single house of it, every tree and every detail, as it was! This is only possible because in this case his subconsciousness is connected to his mind: he has direct access to his subconsciousness!

Or someone else who learns a new language within a few days and can understand and speak as many as 50 languages! An artist who crosses two gorges with a depth of one hundred metres on a thin wire rope! There are a lot of things that are inexplicable to our minds! But nothing inexplicable for our subconsciousness, which is awake day and night, sees, hears, notes down and remembers everything! Fascinating, isn’t it?

Entire business branches have developed from it to promote access to the subconsciousness, such as mental training, suggestion, hypnosis, family constellations, medium, autogenic training, yoga, Far Eastern martial arts, shamanic travel, angel reading, work with the higher self, meditation forms.

Everyone of us knows the placebo effect: If we tell ourselves something long enough and believe it, the subconsciousness also takes it up, therefore spontaneous healings are possible! Therefore it is possible at all to establish new beliefs in life! Of course, the mechanism also works with non-positive ideas and conceptions, if we believe in them and expect them! 

Therefore, be careful what you wish for, long for and expect with feelings! It should definitely be something positive, because the law of attraction works precisely as soon as a strong wish meets a strong feeling and a strong expectation.

Our body, a true wonder of nature, looked at simply!

In biology we have learned everything about the body. But can we imagine what it means to have ca. 7 metres of intestine in your stomach? Please take a woollen thread and measure only 7 metres of it. That is very, very much! And there is room for all this in our little belly!

Of course, you know how important a well-functioning and clean intestine is for overall health! For years we have been showered with this knowledge, but who of us really thinks about it and gives the intestine its attention and time? We can start doing so today!

Every day about 8,000 litres of blood flow through our bloodstream! Is that conceivable for us? Hardly! Who of us has ever seen a vessel with 8,000 litres of fluid standing directly in front of us? These are gigantic numbers!

From dark field microscopy we have learned that the red blood cells can clump together after only three minutes of unprotected mobile phone use! Then our cell supply is not very good, because the red blood cells are like trucks for our cells, which bring the nutrients to and take the rubbish out of the cell.

And can we imagine what it means that we have about 2,500 kilometres of blood vessels in our body? Most of us probably not at all! Of course, this includes all blood vessels, even the smallest capillary and hair vessels! But we all know that our body consists of about 70 billion cells! Have you ever written the number 70 trillion out in full? And do you know that these cells all float in cell water? And did you know that the red blood vessels finally squeeze through the narrowest hair vessels on their way to the individual cells and then have to swim a short distance to reach the cell? Of course it is important that the extracellular water in our connective tissue is clear and pure!

It is well known that swimming in a dirty water is not good! Therefore, the quality of the water we drink is very important! The water should be available for the cells! This works best with hexagonal water, which is the fourth state of aggregation of water and is gel-like, i.e. EZ water. The Symbio Harmonizer pen can produce this.

Our tap water can no longer be trusted in the way we used to 50 years ago. The number of chemicals in circulation has increased a thousand times since that time! In addition to this, the harmful frequency exposure caused by mobile phone radiation and other sources of radiation is becoming more and more. Water is known to be a very good frequency conductor! With unprotected water, we drink all these frequency loads with it! Symbio Harmonizer water harmonizes all these harmful information!

Water can contain all kinds of heavy metals, which are brought to the surface from deep in the mountains and are distributed by us humans! Like mercury, aluminium, cadmium, etc. An osmosis filter or other good filter system for our drinking water can be helpful if we want to take good care of our body!

In 24 hours our body produces a total of 7 to 10 litres of digestive juices with a lot of dissolved enzymes and mineral salts! These digestive juices are almost completely reabsorbed in the large intestine. The large intestine contains the intestinal bacteria, the bacterial or intestinal flora, which produce vitamins, enzymes and fatty acids in particular! If we look at our body from the outside, the quantities seem almost gigantic! In 24 hours, the body produces approx. 1 to 1.5 litres of saliva, the pancreas approx. 1 litre of enzyme juice, the liver up to half a litre of bile and the small intestine up to 3 litres of digestive juice. These are considerable amounts of fluid that are produced by our body every day! And we hardly notice any of this. We do feel the saliva, but we don’t notice that this can be between 1 and 1.5 litres per day! Not to mention the miracle of the pancreas, it produces the right composition of enzymes depending on the food available, i.e. specifically for each individual food!

In the intestine there is a milieu of 8.3 pH-value, which is very alkaline! The stomach, on the other hand, is acidic with gastric acid at a pH-value of 1 to 1.5. Every day our body produces about 3 litres of gastric juice! This is incredible when we imagine the large amount of liquid compared to our small stomach!

With so many digestive juices, in total between 7 to 9 litres within 24 hours, and the remaining water content in the body, an adult person has on average about 43 litres of water in the body! 43 litres is an unbelievable amount of water for our well-formed and mostly slim body! When we look at our body in the mirror, we do not notice any of these large quantities of water!

Want some more numbers? Our brain consists of about 85% water, up to 1,400 litres! flow every day through the brain! The eyes consist with 99 % almost completely of water! The muscles consist of approx. 75 % water, the skin of 70 % and the bones still of 22 %. The joints consist of approx. 83 % water, which forms the synovial fluid and acts as a shock absorber! Our lungs consist of 84 % water, when we breathe out we lose about a whole litre of it every day! The liver consists of about 84 % water. The kidneys consist of 83 % water, they filter about 180 litres of fluid for us every day! That is grandiose! The kidneys keep the salt and water content in the body constant and they excrete harmful substances! You already know all that? Probably, yes! But can we imagine these large quantities pictorially in comparison to the way our body looks? Do we occasionally think about how busy our body works for us day and night and with which large quantities? And that our body does all this itself without our conscious intervention? Maybe we appreciate our body more now!

Frequency salad!

Electrosensitive people have to protect their bodies from technical radiation to keep them stable and in harmony! The protection is best done on two levels: subtle and material, because our cells are both at the same time!

You can protect your body energetically, i.e. subtly, with our protective products, and materially with shielding clothing, shielding caps and shielding goggles!

You can protect your home with our protection-products, in a radius of 40 m, against artificial frequencies radiating from outside. You can also harmonise the interior energetically with our products and also reduce the fine dust pollution enormously (Mobile)!

Mobile phone frequencies in microwave radiation cannot be harmless at all, because even small amounts of microwave radiation affect water molecules! So there is always an influence on all living things as soon as there is some radiation!

The greater the radiation exposure, the more the body can become imbalanced!

All radios and all devices that are radio-compatible, i.e. have a built-in radio sensor, can be harmonised and balanced with Symbio Harmonizer Mobile! This can also include LED lamps!

Harmful effects of radiation exposure can occur very slowly and insidiously! The intensity of the radiation exposure depends on the number of radio devices and radio-compatible devices you are confronted with in everyday life! “Radiation fasting” could be a catchword of the 21st century!

Nature works exclusively with analogue frequencies, these are wavy lines! Technical radio works with graded frequencies, i.e. digital! Every digital radiating device needs a radiation protection.

Colourful mixture

Matrix Drops work on a very high spiritual level and can influence basic structures inside us and also in the body in a positive way. The only way to find out how they work is to try them out, as each person can react to them individually and differently. Matrix Drops belong to spiritual homeopathy.

There is a dental language. A tooth that slides backwards tells us that we are withdrawing from an area of life. A crooked tooth says that we do not represent our point of view in an area of life and have made too many compromises. A tooth that becomes longer wants to help the lower tooth which feels weak! A tooth that feels weak, if it is a front tooth, shows that we do not express ourselves and do not stand by our feelings in stressful situations. When teeth become smaller, we do not pursue our life goals or in a too little extent. The art is to find out where we have to change ourselves, then the tooth too will change again!

Bacteria only attack tissue that is very weak in terms of energy. Therefore we cannot have enough life energy, the bioenergy. Biophotons strengthen the DNA, the cell power and increase the cell energy.

A virus is very small and does not even have a DNA itself, unlike the bacteria! Viruses can be dissolved again very quickly with high quantities of natural Vitamin C, D3 and zinc. 

The accompanying substances of vaccinations can block the pineal gland. The pineal gland is our organ, responible for the connection to our Higher Self, our soul and in general to the spiritual subtle world. We need this connection in order to live and follow our life plan and to fulfill our life tasks, which we were born for! From above we receive ideas and intuitive input. Our abilities for imagination, creativity, art and culture depend on it.

Careful handling of vaccinations is beneficial for the health of our pineal gland. Vaccination toxins and heavy metals can be eliminated and thus the pineal gland can be relieved. Melatonin strengthens the pineal gland, even a small amount such as 1 mg in the evening before bedtime has a positive effect on it.

Nano-ground zeolite could have the possibility to release aluminum in the stomach through gastric acid. Therefore a coarser grain size can be an advantage as a precautionary measure.

When glyphosate is stored in the body, and this is true for almost all of us, because conventional agriculture uses glyphosate to kill weeds on crops and then, at the very end before harvesting, sprays the plants with glyphosate to increase yields by up to 30%, in such a way that glyphosate is already in the air when the farmer sprays…, glyphosate has become an issue for all of us. Even in organic fruit and vegetables, small traces of glyphosate are already found due to airborne transmission. However, organic plants are much less polluted than conventional ones.

Glyphosate combines with aluminum in the body. Glyphosate is brain-active and takes the aluminum into the brain. Vitamin C detoxifies aluminum. Glyphosate was originally approved as an antibiotic, therefore it attacks positive intestinal bacteria. Glyphosate can be bound by zeolite and thus excreted from the intestine.


A smile is a beautiful gift, which we humans can give to each other at any time without effort and expense! A smile can cheer us up, comfort us, give us hope, give us joy, and make our everyday life more beautiful.

A communication on the same heart level with a fair exchange always promotes a strengthening of life energy on both sides! Since every human being carries the energy of creation within himself,  harmoniously getting along with each other is an expression of the order of life!

Every unintentional separation leads to an even greater attraction!

We humans carry the divine within us because it is our basic nature! Nature always goes back to its origin!

Respecting the laws of creation and nature brings joy of life and happiness!

The trees are our best friends! We breathe out carbon dioxide, they breathe it in and give us oxygen in return!

The more trees a country has, the richer the people are because of them! Trees are very good frequency conductors. They also readily absorb all technical frequencies, so from this point of view trees protect us from the biologically non-beneficial effects of WLAN and Co! If we overdo it with the technical frequencies, then we are not helping the trees, and also not ourselves!