Bioenergetic services

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Bioenergetic services

Every cell exists once as its material substance and once in its energetic form! With a bioenergetic treatment all physical processes can be influenced indirectly in a positive way!

All kinds of energetic imbalances, energetic dysfunctions and energetic misregulations can be harmonized positively and as far as possible balanced, including all acute, chronic or degenerative health problems. The energetic treatment can be used in case of all kinds of physical complaints. The energetic treatment works only with help of the body’s own biological energy field in cooperation with the client’s personal morphogenetic field. This makes an energetic strengthening and harmonization of all organs and body functions possible. This bioenergetic therapy is also called biofield-method.

The replenishment of biophotons can be regarded as a self-contained bioenergetic therapy form. Biophotons serve as starter cables for tired body cells to raise the weak electrical energy potential back to a healthy level of 70 millivolts. With 70 millivolts cell voltage the cell is able to carry out all its tasks, functions and activities in an optimal way. In one second, about 100,000 biological processes take place in a healthy cell, which are controlled by biophotons! Biophotons are stored in the DNA and are also constantly emitted by living cells.

Our body cells communicate with each other via smallest amounts of light in the infrared range at the speed of light. They exchange information and pass on information. The formation of vitamin D3 and melatonin also occurs via light frequencies. This light radiation of the cells can be detected with highly sensitive photon detectors (biophysicist Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp).

Bioenergetic discharges are like the annual house cleaning for the body cells. The harm-and stressful information which has accumulated in the body over the year and takes up a lot of free space may go. Like those from vaccinations, plastics, building-, office-or housing materials, clothing materials, glyphosate, environmental toxins, heavy metals, tobacco or addictions. Likewise, the discharge of toxoplasmosis (especially a topic for cat owners with autoimmune diseases) is possible. Of course also stress-and harmful information from anaesthetics (OP’s) and X-rays (examinations) or allergies and food intolerances, so that eating fruit and organic cheese is fun again!

The vital substance analysis shows the current energetic state of all organs, cell functions and the energetic status of vitamins, trace elements, fatty acids, amino acids and co-enzymes. The vital substance analysis serves as information and careful handling of the own body for precaution.

With the tube, new, positive, beneficial beliefs and convictions can be easily and smoothly imprinted into the subconsciousness. Also in the case of persistent health problems this can be very supportive. Disturbing or lack causing beliefs step thereby into the background. The new positive affirmation should be imprinted for 21 days. You are welcome to register for this.

The EMF-protection products have already proven to be very effective for electrosensitive people, among whom I am one of them. Many health problems can be enormously aggravated by the unprotected use of radiating devices.


The duration of the bioenergetic treatment depends on the body, as the bioenergetic therapy device Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D. connects with the morphogenetic field of the client. In the morphogenetic field the client finds back to his original roots. With the biofield method, the body is given the time it needs.

Through the bioenergetic treatments, health problems can be harmoniously balanced and relaxed. Through the three-pillar model EMF protection, vital substances and bioenergetic treatments, the body is given the opportunity for regeneration, self-healing, self-development and self-renewal.

First appointment: 90 to 120 min., vital substance analysis, bioenergetic consultation and treatment, € 138,00

Bioenergetic treatments:

Replenishing the cells with biophotons

Individual bioenergetic treatment as needed

Bioenergetic elimination of harmful substances

60 min., € 87,00

90 min, € 105,00

120 min, € 132,00

From 135 min., € 150.

Vital substance analysis, € 48.00.

Free consultation on the protection products against frequency exposure and fine dust. For personal protection on the road especially in connection with 5G! For house, apartment, hotel and business protection, to make you feel comfortable and secure in your home, when shopping in a store or in the hotel!

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