Vital substance analysis

Keeping an overview and protecting the body!

Energy is life!

Inform yourself about your energetic vital substance level and take good care of your body!

With the frequency-analyser the subtle vibrations of the substances at the current time can be recorded. The analyser also records the energetic vibrations of organs and bones.

You receive information about the current, fine-matter, i.e. energetic amount of vital substances in your body and the current energetic condition of your body. Since every molecule occurs once as matter and once as vibration, it can provide information about a possible balance or imbalance. The vital substance analysis can also provide information about your current eating habits and how they affect your body.

Why are the subtle vibrations analysable?

The control level of the body is of electromagnetic nature, which works via frequencies and fields. Alternative research calls this field “vital field”.

The vital field of the body is as unique as the fingerprint!

The vital field contains all electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields that surround and penetrate the organism. The vital field is in constant interaction with all physiological processes of the body and its environment, so everything in the body is interconnected.

Benefits of a vital substance analysis:

The vital substance analysis gives you a first overview of the vital state of your body. The energetic information about a possible heavy metals contamination, the content and amount of vitamins, trace elements, co-enzymes, fatty acids, intestinal bacteria, electrosmog or cell phone radiation exposure, pesticide pollution and the like could be useful for you in the context of a careful handling of your body. A vital body has a positive effect on the joy of life, health, feelings and well-being. Natural vitality also always strengthens the beauty of the body!

Who can benefit from a vital substance analysis?

All people who want to obtain more information about themselves. All those who have little energy, who feel tired, exhausted or drained. All with indefinable health problems and of course all with chronic processes. For all those who want to take good care of their body, nourish and nurture it. 

How is the vital substance analysis carried out?

You sit comfortably on the couch and place your right hand on the analyser for one minute. After this an analysis is made. You then have an overview of the energetic condition of your body.

The vital substance analysis provides information about the current energetic state of your body! Symbolically, it could be described as a subtle family constellation of the body, its organs and functions.