Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D., the Biofield-Method!

With more energy and vitality into a new healthy future!

The biofield method!

The current-and battery-free bioenergetic resonance system Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D. works with the cell’s own current in the electromagnetic field of the cells or the body. This type of bio-resonance is called the biofield method because the body is offered healing frequencies, which it may accept or not. The body sets its own priorities. The cells determine which frequency they need and want. This gives the body the possibility to regenerate, harmonize, relax and to increase its self-healing powers freely without tension and pressure. Within this healing biofield many positive effects for the body can arise.

Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D.

What is Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D.?

It is a current-and battery-free bioenergetic resonance system! With help of the Harmonizer M.E.D. our body cells can be reminded again of their original natural vibrational frequency! It works on a fine-matter vibration level as a biofield! With the support of the Harmonizer M.E.D. the body cells can activate their self-healing powers and regenerate and rebuild themselves. The body is again reminded of its original natural vibrational state, and disease-causing vibrations can be completely harmonised! It was developed by holistically thinking doctors and therapists in Austria, to fully strengthen the body energetically!

Why does the Harmonizer M.E.D. work?

From quantum physics we know that every atom occurs once in material and once in subtle form as a vibration. The Harmonizer M.E.D. harmonizes the vibrations and frequencies of the cells and can thus restore order and harmony on an energetic level and indirectly influence the material matter positively.

Fields of application for the Harmonizer M.E.D.:

With the Harmonizer M.E.D. energetic blockages can be dissolved, foreign harmful substances such as poisons and other harmful substances can be removed and helpful good information can be supplied to the body cells! With the Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D., pathological vibrations can be resonated or harmonised, and the polarity of the organism can hence be brought back into balance! The electromagnetic field of the cells can be strengthened and cell regeneration can be activated and intensified! It is used to strengthen the body’s defences and immune system, or to eliminate intolerances and allergies. Due to this, acute or chronical illnesses and physical and psychological symptoms can be improved.

Where is the M.E.D. particularly applicable?

In case of injuries, pain, after accidents and in case of chronical illnesse, the Harmonizer M.E.D. can be very supportive in wound healing, regeneration and cell building. With the Harmonizer M.E.D., interferences in cell communication in general can be reduced or compensated. In case of all kinds of health problems, chronic or degenerative diseases and everywhere where there is not enough energy available. For chakra or meridian balancing, against heavy metal contamination and in case of general health problems.

Research results on the Harmonizer M.E.D.:

Research results from the dartschSCIENTIVIC Institute for Cell Biological Test-Systems show that by using the Harmonizer M.E.D., the cells, in case of wounds and injuries, can regenerate and heal 30% faster.

Possible causes of weak cells:

Causes for a not very good cell communication can be: Persistent stress, scars, energetic blockages in organs and cells, elektrosmog and radiation exposure, weak digestion, reduced intestinal bacterial flora, strong psychological stress, allergies, intolerances, hyperacidity, lack of nutrients, heavy metal contamination, tooth-, mucous membrane or jaw problems, malnutrition, metabolic disorders or deposited harmful information from foreign substances.

How does the Harmonizer M.E.D. work?

The harmful information of foreign substances are harmonized by the Harmonizer M.E.D. and the body’s own drainage systems such as the lymphatic system are stimulated. By making good vibrations and frequencies available, the cells can be stimulated and reminded of their original energy. Pathogens can be harmonized through confrontation with the natural and original frequency. States of pain can also be harmonised locally.

Which material information can be energetically removed?

All kinds of exogenous, harmful substances, such as vaccination accompanying substances, X-rays/CT/MRI, anaesthesia, environmental toxins, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, old hereditary toxins, tobacco, alcohol, addictive drugs, cosmetic products, furniture poisons, building material poisons, detergents and fabric softeners, dental sprays, clothing poisons, body care substances, hair spray substances, hair dyes, etc. and the like.

Are subtle levels of vibration measurable?

The subtle vibrational levels can already be measured these days by the dark field microscopy, heart rate variability and regulation thermography.

Proven therapy for allergies and intolerances:

There is a module for common allergies and intolerances such as lactose, fructose, sugar, wheat, egg white and egg yolk. The allergens such as pollen, house dust, bees or cat hair etc. can be harmonized. However, for this therapy to be effective permanently, a little patience, perservance and endurance is required. For the next three months, in order for permanent removal (of allergies and intolerances), every food and drink must be put on the CARD for 90 seconds before consumption. The CARD is available in pocket format for the wallet and in A4 format for the kitchen table and refrigerator. Those who endure are usually rewarded with success, but success, as with all energetic applications in general, cannot be promised!

For whom is the application of the bioenergetic resonance system Harmonizer M.E.D. suitable?

For everyone, for children, young people and adults of all ages. The application is well tolerated and generally pleasant. Even animals, such as horses use to like it to remove allergies.

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