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First an important notice!

The Symbio-Harmonizer Bioenergetics covers the field of energetic support used for the optimization of  life energy and the activation of self-healing powers! No diagnoses,  therapies or treatments are made in the medical meaning, the bioenergetic applications also cannot replace them! With the bioenergetic devices and methods, depending on the objective, an individual physical or energetic balance and harmonization can be achieved for the client! The information technologies and devices presented in this homepage belong to the field of energetic medicine, which is not yet scientifically recognised! A bioenergetic application does neither replace the diagnosis nor the treatment by a licensed doctor! No promises of healing are made! Therefore you are entering the homepage on your own responsibility and wish! If you read further, you declare your agreement!  We will be happy to inform you personally about all the energetic applications! In order to contact us, please use the contact form in Contact.

Why health care?

At the latest now with the ongoing WLAN exposure, the LTE, the 4G and the current 5G expansion, combined with a blatant pollution of the environment by chemical substances, health care is a predominant topic!

You want to enjoy your life in full health, strength and vitality? The healthier and stronger your body is, the easier this can be achieved!

Changed perspectives:

In the past, people invested much of their time and money in car care, but now the perspective has changed! Today, people want a vital, beautiful body, and car has lost its importance. Do you want to keep your body clean, beautiful and healthy for as long as you live, or do you want to restore its past splendour? Then give your body attention, care and time! 

What do you wish for?

An energetically balanced body feeling combined with much of  harmony and vitality? To be free of indefinable health problems, to have less or no allergies or intolerances, to live more easily and with less pain? Increase in performance and vitality, freedom from blockages or stressful information? Or no pain when you pass hidden radio transmitters in the city, if you are electro-sensitive?

About me:

After many years of chronical illness, a strong electro-sensitivity accompanied by years of painful conditions and a fateful accident, the deepest wish for complete recovery and restoration arose in me. I wanted to regain my vitality and to be healthy and strong again in my life. On my search I found the way to bioenergetics and followed it.

In my search for health, a saying by Eva Aschenbrenner, herbalist and author of the book “The Herbal Pharmacy of God”, helped and still helps me. She gave me the courage to persevere and to keep at it until I found the solution for me. She said: “You have to keep at it, you must not stop, even if it takes months, you have to keep going and believe in your goal, then the body will give in! And I add: “Then life brings you the solution!”


A full heart, a success in health and the practical knowledge, that it is possible to influence one’s physical condition indirectly positively via the energetic resonance, has induced me to train as a Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D. therapist. For many years already -due to my own lifestory- I have been dealing with health issues intensively and in depth and am always again and again amazed by the fascinating world and capabilities of our body. 

My approach!

I was able to regain my vitality and power mainly through regular bioenergetic applications with the Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D., the domestic and personal protection from technical frequencies – EMF such as cell phone radiations, WLAN, 4G, 5G, radiating devices, through refilling the body depots with micronutrients with the 47 Essentials, the installation of beneficial beliefs with the help of the tube, and through more exercise in the fresh air and drinking alkaline-rich water!

As I am completely convinced of their positive effects, I would like to present them to you on my homepage! 

My portfolio : Happily married, two adult children, human energetic practitioner, certified Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D. therapist. Many years of experience as a referee in the legal service. Education: Symbio-Harmonizer-Bioenergeticist, Dipl.-API-Astrologist and B-Teacher according to API/Switzerland with several years of teaching experience. Diploma thesis: “Astrologische Häuser und Schüßlersalze”(Astrological houses and Schüßler-salts), published 2006 by astronova.  Schüßler salts and face-analysis-consultant training, Bach flowers, FNL herbal training, mental training, transactions-analysis, shamanistic travels, author of „5G elektrosensibel, Angst schützt nicht“ (5G electrosensitive, fear is no protection), paperback book at amazon, 2nd edition 2020. Authentic Reiki 1st and 2nd degree, over 20 years of practice in meditation, angel-reading with ten years of practice, communication with the higher self. Additionally practical experience with Aura Soma, regressions, self-hypnosis, family constellations. Short near-death experience due to my fateful accident as a big life- and character-changing element.