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We humans are confronted with this technology now, not in years to come, when studies on possible biological effects will be recognised by the official authorities! When a mobile phone is held near to the head, the electromagnetic wave generates electric and magnetic fields in the brain, especially the magnetic wave penetrates deeply inside. The current limit values only protect against the thermal effect in a period of 30 minutes, the effect on our biological organism as an athermal effect was not taken into account, nor was the use over a longer period! There are no studies on long-term effects!

The thermal effect, and the biological effect as athermal effect!

The thermal effect is the heating of our cells caused by microwave-radiation, it is referred to as the SAR value. The lower the SAR value, the lower the cellular heat-influence! However, the radio-waves also generate weak electromagnetic fields, which can cause an athermal effect! Since we know from the quantum physics that our cells themselves run on low current, and the cells themselves have electromagnetic fields (ECG, EEG, the heart and brain current!), a biological effect can arise as an athermal effect. Due to this, changes in the cell metabolism can arise (,!

Many scientists, doctors and researchers from many countries have researched and discovered that mobile radiation can also have a biological effect on us humans, animals, plants and nature!

Fine dust, the unnoticed effect!

All technical electromagnetic radiation-waves produce fine dust, which are positive ions in the air! In this fine dust, fine dust particles float in the air for a very long time. These fine dust particles can be easily inhaled. They can pass the mucous membranes and cilia and reach the bronchial and pulmonary alveoli (air sacks), where they can cause inflammation as foreign bodies. Since we are staying indoors most of the time, the quality of the air promotes our health, when there is a predominantly negative ion field in the room. Very strong negative ion fields of the air can be found at the sea or under a waterfall. The Symbio Harmonizer Comfort also generates such a negative ion field!

Mobile radiation – the invisible danger!

In Italy, a court decision has established the link between mobile phone radiation and damage to human health! “The court considers it proven that the plaintiff’s brain tumour is due to his mobile phone use”. (Source:

WLAN is currently already prohibited by law in infant facilities in Israel, France and Cyprus!

The first appeal about the dangers of mobile radiation was published by Freiburg doctors already as early as 2002! In the meantime, the international appeal of June 2019 has been signed by more than 100,000 persons and organisations from 187 countries! Among them: 2,000 scientists, 1,400 doctors, 4,000 engineers, 2,200 nurses, 2,500 psychologists and 1,200 organisations!

The International Appeal of the academics to the WHO and UN in 2015 by over 220 scientists from more than 40 countries, warns of proven health damage caused by “changes in the structures and functions of the reproductive systems (fertility), deficits in memory and learning, neurological disorders and negative effects on the general well-being of people”.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has classified extremely low frequency magnetic fields of switched-on devices as well as high frequency electromagnetic fields such as those emitted by mobile phones as potentially carcinogenic for humans (Class 2 B). Currently the WHO has commissioned a study to investigate the “increased cancer risk” coming from radio frequencies, but the results are not expected to be published until 2022 and 2024!

The appeal “Stop 5G on earth and in space” was addressed to the United Nations (UNO), the European Union (EU), the World Health Organisation (WHO) and further to the Council of Europe and the governments of all nations!

The limit value was previously a real value of 6 V/m = 6 volts per meter. Because of 5G, this limit is to be increased to 60 V/m = 60 volts per meter as an average value! This means that in relation to space the radiation exposure can be lower or even far higher! 5G is supposed to emmit radiation in a significally much higher frequency range of 3.6 gigahertz and upwards, so far it was 2.6 gigahertz for 4G, LTE, WLAN and BLUETOOTH! For the frequency range of 2.6 Gigahertz, many studies have been carried out which have already shown a harmful effect on biological systems! In Brussels the 5G expansion was stopped! Switzerland has decided against an increase of the limit values!

International studies speak for themselves!

An international study was published on the website of the National Institute of Health, which showed that 5G radiation can be absorbed by skin cells and change DNA in such a way, that it can cause viral diseases in the human body!

Guglielmo Marconi University, Central Michigan University and the First Moscow State Medical University have collaborated on a study of 5G millimetre waves, which can stimulate DNA so that cells can become ill in the way one would expect from a viral disease.

Professor Martin L. Pall of Biochemistry and Basic Medicine at Washington State University has summarised studies which deal intensively with Wi-Fi/W-LAN frequency ranges and with microwaves in general and their dangers for all living beings on earth. These repeated studies show that WLAN can cause oxidative cell stress, sperm testicular damage, neuropsychiatric effects including EEG-alterations, apoptosis-celldeath, cellular DNA damage, endocrine changes and calcium overload.

Prof. Edinger not only fears effects, but he shows us clear, medical insights into what is happening in our bodies. He has taken photographs of collagen fibres in the body and how they change under 5G radiation. In a normal, healthy state, the collagen fibres in the body form a fine, even network. Under 5G exposure, there is a significant thinning; if the radiation continues, there is greater dissolution untill collagen fibres and fragments are torn off!

We are electromagnetic beings!

Our cells are controlled by electric currents and electromagnetic fields! The electrical activity of the heart, the heart rhythm is measured with the ECG – electrocardiogram, and the much weaker electrical fields of the brain, the brain waves, are measured with the EEG – electroencephalogram. The strongly pulsating magnetic field of the heart was detected by Prof. Burr in 1963. In 1972 the weak magnetic fields of the brain could also be physically detected.

Furthermore, tiny magnetic crystals of magnetite, a stable compound of iron and oxygen, have been found in large numbers in our brains (Prof. Joseph L. Kirschvink with Atsuko Kobayashi-Kirschvink and Barbara L. Woodford, US-Geobiological UNI at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech in Pasadena)! These magnetit-crystals are sensitive to all electromagnetic fields, to the natural magnetic field of the earth and also to artificial electromagnetic fields! Homing pigeons orientate themselves to the earth’s magnetic field, and these magnetite crystals have also been found inside them, as well as in whales and some other animals. Magnetites belong to the strongest magnetic minerals, they are excellent conductors of electricity! (Caltech News, Vol. 26, No. 3 / June 1992). Nobel Prize winner in physics in 1932, Werner Heisenberg, says that “the whole life of our body depends elementarily on the magnetic energy”!

Our red blood cells contain a magnetically charged iron atom as a cell nucleus! After only three minutes of unprotected use of a mobile phone, the red blood cells can already start to form a rouleau formation, which can be seen quite clearly under a darkfield microscopy. In addition to the flowability, our acid-base balance can also be disturbed.

The confusion with the different limit values!

The natural radiation frequency on earth is: 0.000001 μW/m2
0.001 – is the value at which our mobile phones already work!
0.1 – is the biologically guideline value for bedrooms with pulsed HF radiation. At this value, the first changes in the calcium-metabolism of living cells, including human brain cells, have already been observed (Bahmeier)

1 – is the biologically guideline value for bedrooms with unpulsed HF radiation, it is the Salzburg precautionary value for interiors.
10- is the Salzburg precautionary value for outdoors – limit value recommendation for mobile radiation by Dr. L. von Klitzing from 2001
100- this is the recommendation of the EU-Parliament, as already a high level of harmful exposure is measurable according to Öko-Test, from 4/2001
200- at this value a disturbance of the cell membrane already takes place (Marinelli 1999)
The higher the value, the more changes in the cells were found during research.

A few different limit values (an interim change cannot be excluded!):

100,000 – limit value in Poland and Russia
160,000 – limit value in Italy, in Tuscany the limit value is to be much lower,
4,500,0000- German limit value for D-Network
9.000.000- German limit value for E-Network
10,000,000 – German limit value for UMTS.

The city of Brussels, where the EU Commission is based, has already stopped the 5G expansion because of possible biological effects!

Electrosmog is the colloquial term for all fields in the low-frequency, high-frequency and static range:

Low frequency
  • electric alternating field
  • electric voltage in lines, sockets and appliances, even if NO current flows, i.e. they are not switched on.
Low frequency
  • magnetic alternating fields
  • when the devices are switched ON, in lines, transformers and power supply units.

High frequency
  •  pulsed electromagnetic waves
  • in radiation transmitters and receivers such as mobile phones, radar, television, radio and in office, gaming and kitchen equipment with Bluetooth and W-LAN.

  • electric direct fields
  • at screens when there is a crackling sound and in synthetic fibres such as clothing, carpets, curtains, plastic surfaces when the hair stands on end.

  • magnetic direct fields
  • these are strong fields, they are generated by direct current in railway systems, trams, photovoltaic systems and magnetic metals.

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